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Breast Cancer

Description One of the most common cancers in women worldwide, it is also known albeit on a lesser scale, to be detected among men. It is said that women over the age of 55 who have a close blood relative who has had breast cancer, can be under increased risk of this disease. 


Treatments:  Among the common treatments are limited hormone therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Disease possibility among women increases with the number of menstrual cycles (the more the cycles, higher the risk) – because of the increased estrogen and progesterone hormones. Women who have never been pregnant are said to run a slightly higher risk. Through a modern and FDA-approved procedure called SAVI scout surgeons can locate and target cancerous cells for removal and spare healthy breast tissue. This becomes important when surgery is to be followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Worldwide, the month of October is regarded as breast cancer awareness month.  The famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie’s risk-reducing mastectomy (even after she had only tested for the BCRA1 gene mutation) drew world-wide attention to the issue of breast cancer genes and testing.

Symptoms may include a lump, changes in the shape and texture of the breast or nipples or discharge from the nipples.

The need to get checked regularly is of utmost importance, because early detection and improved treatments have invariably led to better outcomes for patients. Self-examination, an annual mammography, healthy diet without excessive red meats, regular exercise, weight-training, breast-feeding and limited alcohol-intake are the broad suggestions often made to cope with and limit the scope of such a condition.

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